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tv   South Asia Newsline  FOX  June 27, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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about survival after 35. now i am introducing you to a man, nutritionist and train whore unlocked the science to reshaping your body and figured it out by studying all of the women in his life. shawna lost 89 pounds and 32% body fat. what a different. marie lost 50 pounds and 1% body fat. and claudette lost 29 pounds and 18% body fat. please meet mark mcdonald. >> i am here to tell you yo-yo dieting days are over. dr. oz: he is the mastermind behind the phenomenon that is transforming thousands of women. he says he has the secret to transform your over 35 body for good. >> i have been there. i was an athlete growing up.
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once i stopped playing sports and ate pizza every day i gained 60 pounds in months. i tried all of the diets. i got great results but i was starving and miserable. growing up i saw my mom struggle with dieting and happen to my wife. i was determined to crack the code for pain-free permanent weight loss. dr. oz: now mcdonald is the driving force behind thousands of success stories. even chelsea handler credits mark for reshaping her body. >> i finally uncovered the secret. you don't need a fancy gym or a magic pill. the best part is that you will never feel hungry again. mark argues the way you turn your body into a calorie-burning machine has to do with blood sugar and how you balance it. >> when your blood sugar is
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balanced hormones are balanced. that is how we achieve permanent weight loss. billion eating less or starving yourself. we have created three different versions of how you eat your food. this is the sugar. you can manage that. when you are young you want it to look like this. as you pour the food in there you put on a lot of weight. you get mad yourself. you get even bigger. why do you think women don't come back from this? >> to me it is the mind set. we are focused on calories and carb restrictions. we think to lose weight we have to starve ourselves. we follow that yo-yo dieting syndrome. if you understand how to eat the foods you love you can really stabilize your blood sugar. dr. oz: take us through the
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scenario of someone who starves themselves. >> we cut our calories and carbs and think get it off as fast as possible. this drives you crazy. you get just as big. when you don't have any sugar in your body your body thinks you are in starvation mode. if you are, you will store the fat cells. instead you burn muscle. what you lose in that yo-yo process is muscle mass. when you start eating more again. you get even bigger. that is why it is even worse for you. so, what if you eat president amount of sugars between starving yourself and what you did in the first scenario. you get the body you want and achieve permanent weight loss. you are where you want to be. looking and feeling your very
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best. dr. oz: critically important insight that mark has. let's go through the plan. it is all about stabilizing your blood sugar in order to lose weight. you argue step 1 is to eat in threes. the first step is that you have to eat every 3-4 hours. when you feed your body consistently you release your stored fat. divide your plates in thirds. third protein, carbs and fat. enjoy your food. you have an egg white omelet with veggies, oatmeal as carb and turkey bacon as your fats. dr. oz: what lunch? >> turkey burger. here is your carb. here is your protein. avocado is a great source of fats. you can put some ketchup and mustard. you can have lettuce and tomatoes. this is more complicated. you have steak, which beef is a
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mixture of protein and fat. you get it both in one. sweet potato and a low fat sour cream. and look at your veggies. you know they are great for you. any of these meals you can add additional veggies. they will really make you feel like you are enjoying your foods. dr. oz: you pointed out you need to eat every three hours. these are all about 300 calories a piece. that means you need more meals. step two is to prepare a mobile readiness food kit. going on a diet is a war. you need a mobile unit preparing you. >> we call it the mobile readiness food kit. the hardest times where we are busy, driving in traffic, a midmorning or afternoon meal. quick things you can do that are doable for you. it has to be doable or they just quit.
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so, you have an apple, turkey jerky and nuts. greek yogurt. some seeds and dried fruit. if you are in a jam you can simply have a protein bar with equal fat, protein and carbs in your purse. that is how easy it is. dr. oz: very nicely made. it is well decorated. you have six ways of eating. these are about 250 calories a piece? >> and this is billion dieting. it is about stabilizing your blood sugar, releasing your stored fat and allows you to achieve it with foods you enjoy. >> you have one last tip for step 3. a little magic. three litters of water with cinnamon extract in it. >> you get two things.
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cinnamon extract helps your blood receive the hormone of insulin the so you can process food better. obviously water is fantastic. just like your water is a feed as it goes machine it is a drink as you go machine. if you will helped so much in losing weight and removing toxins. you do tro two drops. drink it up. you can stir it up a bit. >> nice. >> are we go to toast? >> toast. >> to weight loss. >> permanent weight loss. >> don't go anywhere. three simple things that you will need to do to keep the weight off for life. >> up next -- dr. oz: who wants to feel deprived? >> how to finally achieve lasting weight loss? one of his secrets, eat this. plus reshape your body.
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>> 10 minutes a day. everyone can do that. >> later. [ female announcer ] poison ivy? try new cortizone-10 poison ivy relief pads, the strongest, non-prescription itch medicine in a touch-free applicator. cortizone-10. feel the heal.
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[ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ dr. oz: we are revealing the
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three things every woman 35 and over needs to do to keep the weight and fat off for life. what percentage of dieters do you think actually succeed? >> that is the tough part. 80% of all dieters regain every pound they lost plus some within two year its. we really educate people. dr. oz: how about your diet? >> 75% succeed. it is huge. it is all about shifting your mindset. dieting sets up to lose. who wants to feel deprived. the whole thing is about educating people about how to stabilize their blood sugar. you use food to create hormonal balance. we have to make it a lifestyle and educate people. dr. oz: three things to educate folks. the first lesson is three
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ounces of protein before every sheet. >> biggest thing is that you suck it up for 90 days and then you crack. we all want cake or french fries or alcohol. the biggest thing is that protein slows down the rate at which your blood sugar spikes. if you eat the protein first you minimize the effects of these types of fools. dr. oz: how much before you have a cheat? >> right with that meal or five minutes before. but that would really minimize what these foods do so you can still eat the food you love. dr. oz: this is a very practical tip. i haven't had french fries in a long time. that is a pretty reasonable tradeoff. the second thing you do is to align your spine by rolling for three minutes. teach me this. >> your spine controls everything, all right here controls the nerves and directly your digestive system.
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it is not what you eat. it is what you metab liz. you will maximum your fat burning and achieve weight loss. just roll down like this. we roll here. we put the roller right here. we are adjusting our back ourselves. dr. oz: is this right? >> perfect. roll and again. now this gives you self adjustment. in addition with the roller you have your own personal masseuse. there you go. put your legs a little further out. stop right there at the lower back and go again. now what it does is the massage side of it, it allows you to burn fat. it is great. three minutes a day makes such a different. you can use itself on your quads or on anything. dr. oz: all right. the last tip you have is
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exercise your white and red muscles for 10 minutes a day. explain what white and red muscles are. >> most people only do one type of exercise. your body you have about 50 white and 50 red. white is the high intensity, burst of speed and the red is the slow and steady cardio. 10 minutes a day, everyone can do that. do it in your living room as you watch dr. oz. dr. oz: if you only do one or the other you are only using half the muscle. >> by simply adding that you burn about 50% more fat. dr. oz: i am in for this. >> it is smarter. ok. we will start first with the white. we will do white fiber training called a mountain climber. down like this. we will climb. climb. climb. there you go.
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keep your core nice and strong. you can go as hard as you can. keep breathing and exhale there you go. someone help. help. you would do this for 30 seconds. you would rest for 30 seconds. you would repeat that for 4-5 minutes. then we go into the five minutes of fat burning cardio. you get in a squat position. we will step. step. step. step. step. you can do it for a minute or two. you do it and then the next two and a half minutes you can run forwards and run back. dr. oz: yes. >> you keep shoulders back, keep your core strong. now you are activating all of your muscle fiber. 10 minutes a day can do this. that is what it is all about. dr. oz: thank you very much. coming up the diet busting food
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dr. oz: today having a better
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life after 35 and there is one thing holding you back. it is eating diet-busting foods sabotaging your weight loss. i will reveal the top ones to avoid. i am going by lisa who says she eats healthy but cannot lose the last 20 pounds. what do you think is derailing your weight loss? >> dr. oz, it has to be my age. i eat healthy, exercise and i don't see the results. dr. oz: may i test you a little today? >> sure. dr. oz: we will start with the chips. given a choice of sitting down with a full bag of chips or one of these 100 calorie bags which would you opt for? >> i know what i would opt for but i would take the 100 calories. dr. oz: the 100 calorie chips sabotage your diet. i went for it as well. i have been recommending small packs for a long time. brand-new research came out and
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said unfortunately it does not work. although they are low cal they mess you up. you sit in front of the television set. you have your choice. what they found in the study is if you had a big bag you saw what you were eating. with the small containers you would rip into a couple of them at once. you would rip into so many of these small packs you would end up eating more than if you had the big bag and knew. you will give up on the 100 calorie snack bags or if you can't do that keep these empty containers in front of you so you remind yourself. >> each the cookie snack bags? dr. oz: it is true for all of them. see what you ate. it reminds you what you just did. that is why writing things down works. otherwise you destroy the evidence. nobody will catch you. let move on to the next diet
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busting food. say you are sitting down for breakfast with two choices, a bran muffin. typical thing for breakfast or egg, sausage and cheeds sandwich. what do you think? which is the diet buster? >> i would think the bran muffin is the healthiest? >> turns out these two items here have the exact same number of calories. >> i would rather have the egg sandwich. dr. oz: the diet busting food is the muffin. you think it is healthier because bran is all fiber. don't be fooled. this is actually a cupcake without the icing. looks like one. that is what it is. what happens is the benefits from the fiber are drowned out by the carbs, sugar, oil, all of the junk that goes into making this thing. that is why it tastes so good. the big penalty is you will
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always eat more during the day. >> brings the sugar level up. >> yeah. they just get bigger and bigger. you can't control your diet anymore. >> that is my day at work. >> next diet busting food has to do with the frozen diet dinners. >> yeah. i take them for lunch for work a cupyle of times a week joofment if you eat these five times per week it will have the opposite effect. make sure they are marked as reduced sodium. if you do not have that message they often have up to 1,700 milligrams of salt. the low sodium will have 600 or less that. is what you want to go for. if you can't do that stick to once a week. final, the last diet busting food i will talk about is a
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granola bar. >> i have those in our cabinet. >> a lot of us love granola. when it is made the right way, it is a great meal. but when you don't get it with the right stuff. oftentimes they have white flour and chocolate chips and peanut butter. if you get a granola bar you want one for less than 150 calories. >> perfect. dr. oz: i have a bunch more on >> if you receive an e-mail or any kind of direct marketing from me selling a product with my name, image or the show's name, you need to know it is not me. i consider anyone that using my name or picture to try to sell you a product or supplement reckless and dangerous. they are undermine my credibility with you you and the trust you place in me. it could be dangerous to your
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pants and i my purple gloves. i first found it in my patholing lab. one day back in 2004 i took them to the oprah show who really, really liked them. >> dr. oz is back wearing his color purple gloves for a demo that should make us all wake up big time. dr. oz: we have had audiences put them on. now viewers started to send me photos where they have brought in their purple gloves. here is liz and keith checking out the new york city skyline. barry and michelle in seattle's space needle. outside the state capitol in austin and all the way to mt. rushmore for this unique photo. i even received videos. these cubs fans in the windy city. >> hi dr. oz. we are here in chicago wearing
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your purple gloves. >> maybe if the cubs wore the purple gloves they might win the world series. dr. oz: sure is wind nechicago. not just here in america. so, pout purple gloves and send me photos and videos and you may end up on the show. so, who wants this? i tried. thanks. for more about the show go to i will see you next time.
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